Committed to Excellence, While Taking The Hassle Out Of Collision Repairs!
Committed to Excellence, While Taking The Hassle Out Of Collision Repairs!
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Becoming a victim of a hail storm may be impossible to avoid. Perhaps you were driving on the freeway or turnpike when those frozen balls of precipitation came out of nowhere “hail-bent” on pelting your vehicle. Maybe it’s as simple as you don’t have a garage or carport in which to safely store your vehicle away from nature’s manic changes in the weather. While you may not be able to avoid hail, you can avoid being victimized by dishonest hail repair facilities & “hailstorm chasers”.

In a state like Oklahoma, knowing the ‘red flags’ or signs of a hail repair scam could save you a lot of money. This is because hail repair scams can go far beyond the money you are out on for your repair; it could affect the value of your vehicle and cost you addition in repairs. So what red flags should you be looking out for with respect to hail repair scams?

How to Spot a Hail Repair Scam

  1. Promise of a Quick Repair
    Unless we’re talking about one small door dink, hail repairs take time. Anyone who says they can do them in a parking lot while you grocery shop, is offering something too good to be true.At Car Craft, we can often get hail repair on cars completed in as little as one day but it takes our professional set up and precise scheduling to make things move this seamlessly. It also depends on the amount of dents and the type of repair necessary; a hail repair could take as little as a day or in many cases several days or longer.
  2. Approaches You In A Parking Lot
    A lot of pointless dent repair (PDR) scam companies work out of large parking lots. The PDR scammer will look for vehicles with hail damage and approach the owner with a promise of a quick & cheap repair. Hail repairs cannot be repaired properly in a parking lot. The PDR techniques used will likely damage the paint, or woes, cause additional damage.
  3. Companies Without A Physical Location/Out-of-State Location
    These people often have shoddy looking cards or no business cards at all. Many times they claim to be from out of state and have out of state numbers. They may say that they have no physical location because less overhead helps them to save you money. And while their rates may be tempting, you pay for what you get. You may find yourself in a situation that ends up costing you a lot more money in the long run.
  4. Only Takes Cash
    If a company won’t accept insurance, they are likely a hail scammer. The auto body industry relies heavily on insurance, so if a PDR company only accepts cash payments for their work they are definitely not legit. Any reputable paintless dent repair company works with insurance companies to cover hail damage. In general, you should only be coming out-of-pocket on your deductible.

When it comes to hailstorm repairs, it is just better to go to a local reputable company like us at Car Craft Auto Body. We have four locations to serve you: Bethany, Edmond, El Reno, and Lawton. This is an added benefit to consumers in harder hit areas where shops are backed up with hail repair works, we can transfer vehicles internally between shops to ensure hail repairs are done in a timely manner. We offer free estimates and we work with most insurance companies. Contact us today to schedule a hail dent repair!

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