Committed to Excellence, While Taking The Hassle Out Of Collision Repairs!
Committed to Excellence, While Taking The Hassle Out Of Collision Repairs!
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Over the years we have had customers ask, what is a DRP shop? It certainly can be confusing if you do not understand the term DRP. Here we will explain what a DRP is and hopefully address some common questions one might have with respect to using a DRP shop.

What is a Direct Repair Program?

Many auto insurance companies have a Direct Repair Program (DRP). Essentially, it is an network of approved repair facilities and body shops that have meet a set of guidelines and standards set by the insurance company. When you contact the insurance’s claims department to file an auto repair claim, they typically will suggest that you use one of the shops on their Direct Repair Program.

Why Do Insurance Companies Have DRPs?

The benefit to insurance companies by having a DRP relationship is that they can provide their clients faster, more efficient services and keep prices lower.

What Standards Does a Shop Have to Meet to be a DRP?

So each insurance company that has DRPs has their own set of criteria. Some common standards are based on repair times, customer service index scores, I-car and manufacturer certifications, equipment, and location. There are a general set of rules that the insurance company requires the DRP facility to follow, with a reciprocal agreement that the insurance company will pay for the repairs if these rules are followed.

How Do DRPs Effect Usage of OEM Verses Aftermarket Parts?

Using a DRP has no negative or positive impact on parts usage. Each insurance company has their own parts usage guidelines built into the policy when you purchased it. So, if OEM parts are something you are insistent upon having, this is a discussion to have with your insurance agent when it comes renewal time for your policy. Some insurance companies always insist on OEM parts being used, while others insist on aftermarket usage when available. Of course, there are varying factors such as age that plays a part in the insurance company’s policy, too. If you are unsure of your insurance company’s parts usage policy, contact your insurance agent.

Car Craft Auto Body works with dealerships to price match parts so that we are able to use OEM parts often times rather than aftermarket parts, even when the insurance company does not pay the additional amount for OEM certified parts.

What are the Benefits to the Consumer for Using a Insurance Company’s DRP shop for a repair?

There are two main benefits for using a DRP shop for the consumer. First, it saves time on the repair. Why is that? Well, at a DRP shop, your estimator acts as an adjuster for the insurance company. They generally can write the estimate and begin the repair right away without having to wait on a desk adjuster to review the estimate and approve it before moving forward.

The other benefit comes in the form of a guarantee. There is a guarantee when using a DRP shop that adds value to the warranties and guarantees already provided to you by the body shop. For example, let’s say you have your car repaired at a DRP shop and then you move out of state. For some reason, after you move, the paint on your vehicle starts to peel where it had been repaired at a DRP shop. You would not have to take your vehicle back to the DRP to get the warranty work done, since it would no longer be convenient to do so. Instead, you would contact your insurance company and they would arrange for a local DRP shop in your new area to handle the warranty repair of your peeling paint.

Do You Have to Use Your Insurance Company’s DRP Shop for a Repair?

Absolutely not! In the state of Oklahoma, you as the consumer get to choose where you take your vehicle for a repair. While the insurance company may still request that you get your initial estimate done at a DRP shop, you are able to take that estimate to the shop of your choice and have the repair completed.

Ultimately, when you have been in an auto accident the thing you care most about (outside of life and personal injuries sustained) is that your vehicle be repaired properly and in a timely manner. Using a DRP shop may be a good solution for getting you back on the road faster and with less hassle. Car Craft Auto Body is a DRP for most of the major insurance companies that utilize DRP relationships. That being said, know that we work for you, not the insurance company. If you have any more questions about DRPs or Car Craft Auto Body, please visit our website or contact an estimator at a location near you. We will gladly answer your questions to the best of our abilities.