Committed to Excellence, While Taking The Hassle Out Of Collision Repairs!
Committed to Excellence, While Taking The Hassle Out Of Collision Repairs!
5 tips for safe travels in the fall so you can avoid auto accidents or the need for collision repair auto body repair or a visit to a collision repair center or auto body shop

5 Tips for Safe Travel This Fall

Ahhh…it is that time of year once again. Cooler weather, falling leaves, and of course, pumpkin spice everything! Know what else the cooler weather means? It means it is time to consider some road safety tips for cooler weather. We have compiled a list of 5 Tips for safe travel this fall.

5 Tips for safe travel this fall – Tip #1: Avoid fall flats

Now that we are into fall, the temperature is dropping progressively, especially in the late evening and overnight. When the weather cools down, molecules in the air move slower and there is less space between them. This is why often times in the fall you’ll notice that your tire pressure drops. The solution is quite easy though. Simply check your tire pressure regularly. If you notice it’s low, add more air. Early in the morning or in the evening is the best time to add more air to your tires.

5 Tips for safe travel this fall – Tip #2: Beware of changing weather

As we’re sure you are aware, the days grow shorter during the fall moving towards the upcoming winter months. The wind typically blows harder and rainfall levels usually increase. Days become cloudier, too. With such changes, we need to adjust our driving habits. School is back in session, the roads are more crowded, but construction projects continue on (sometimes even increasing in productivity to get projects completed before winter). Bridges are more prone to icing and slippery conditions as night temps drop. With all these additional factors to contend with on the roads, it is advisable that you give yourself extra drive time in the morning so that you aren’t rushing in bad conditions trying to make it somewhere on time. Leave your house an extra 15 minutes earlier to help manage your commute better and more safely.

5 Tips for safe travel this fall – Tip #2: Be mindful of sunlight hours

As the days become shorter and we have less daylight hours, more of us will find ourselves commuting in the dark or during dawn and dusk. Of course, dusk and dawn present issues with driving when the sun is directly in drivers’ eyes, while night driving can have its own set of challenges with sight. East-west roads are particularly difficult around the equinox at sunrise and sunset. Don’t forget your sunglasses, keep your windshield clean, and be extra cautious. If it’s hard for you to see, it’s hard for other drivers and pedestrians to see too. As for night vision, you may want to go see your eye doctor. They have lenses that may be more useful to wear while driving at night.

5 Tips for safe travel this fall – Tip #4: Upgrade your emergency kit

It is just a good idea to have an emergency kit in your car, regardless of what time of year it is. However, there may be items you would want to add to your emergency kit especially for preparation of getting stuck during colder weather. Here is a list of suggested items to keep in your vehicle for fall (and winter) emergencies:

  • Water & non-perishable food that is easy to open (think cans with pop tops, etc)
  • Flares & jumper cables
  • Flashlights (solar or hand-cranked is best to have, but if you only have a battery operated one, add extra batteries to the kit as well)
  • A camera (or cell phone works too so long as you have a means to keep it charged)
  • Blankets
  • Warm layers
  • Dry socks and shoes
  • A first aid kit
  • Waterproof jacket or poncho
  • Bag of kitty litter (useful to help with needed traction if you get stuck)
  • Small portable shovel (useful when you get stuck)
  • Portable solar powered phone charger

5 Tips for safe travel this fall – Tip #5: Watch Out for Deer and Small Animals

Deer are on the move this time of year, more so than normal as it is rut season between October and January. As you can imagine, deer don’t always look both ways before darting into the street. Additionally, keep your eyes open for foxes, coyotes, raccoons, squirrels, moose, cats, and other small mammals, too. It is especially important to pay attention for animals when driving near thick trees or grassy areas without much development as animals are more prone to run out of these areas. Do keep your headlights on, using your bright lights when you’re the only car around, and taking extra care when going around curves and corners.

Fall can be a great time of year for road trips and travel. But, as with every season, there are just things you need to pay attention to in order to ensure your safety. We hope you found these tips helpful for your safe travel. This is a fantastic time of year to take a scenic drive, such as the Talimena National Scenic Byway drive, which is quite beautiful once the leaves are changing colors and beginning to fall. While safety is important to your overall driving experience, even the most careful of drivers will find themselves in a fender bender on occasion. If you find yourself in such a situation, know that Car Craft Auto Body is here to help. We have 4 locations to serve you: Bethany, Edmond, El Reno, and Lawton.